More Inserts Workaround

I think the concept of having exactly 8 insert slots on every channel is woven too deep into the system to change it, while keeping backwards compatibility.
However a lot of us sometimes need more than 8 inserts on a channel, especially on the MasterBus.
So here is a suggestion for a nice workaround:
Add a internal Macro, that (for a given selected channel) creates a new group-channel that outputs it’s signal to the selected channel, and changes the output for all channels in the project that were originally routed to the selected channel to the new created group channel. That way you could get 8 more inserts with just one click.
You could do that manually, but in a project with more than 50 channels that could get quite time consuming, so an auto feature would help a lot!


backwards compatibility is something i didn’t think of… interesting.

I have no problem with your solution, seems like a seamless enough background operation.

What effects chain are you using on your master buss that requires more than 8 inserts?

Well if you’re using something like Perception, thats already 2 inserts… maybe a VU, thats 3… a loudness meter, maybe depending on how you set things up

but yeah these days I have been keeping my ‘final’ mixes cleaner and cleaner. I would rather just go back to the mix if anything is needing to be fixed at that stage.

I have read that some folks like using 2-3 comps with small amounts of GR… for a smoother more transparent compression

8 inserts on tha master bus are easily exceeded:

  1. Mix Bus Compressor to Glue the Mix
  2. Surgical EQ to get rid of some unpleasant frequencies
  3. EQ to make the overall frequency response match a reference track
  4. Sometimes a Saturator / Inflator
  5. A Stereo Expansion Plugin
  6. A PreCompressor so the limiter is not pushed too hard
  7. Mastering Limiter with Dithering
  8. A Stereo Field Analyzer
  9. A Mid/Side Switcher to analyse Mono-Compatibility and to check the side-signal
  10. An Analyzer Plugin
  11. EBU R128 Loudness Meter to measure Loudness (I dont like to use the Cubase built in meter)

Nothing too fancy in here and already 11 inserts needed. Of course when coming near the end stage of mastering I could remove the analyzer plugins, but I would prefer to keep them and just switch them of right before exporting.

+ 1

It is not only about master bus. Some producers should be happy (me included) if they should insert more than 8 insert fx without creating Group track.

If you are messing with sound, 8 instert slots is hardly enought :slight_smile:

8 Slots by default, but lets users to add some extra slots, if they need them. hm? Creativity first, guys.

Backward compatibility should not be problem.

I would much prefer it if the developers devoted their efforts to effects chains similar to Studio One V3 has. Multiple effects could be included in a chain and the chain would occupy one insert slot. Of course, I would want all the other bells and whistles in the Studio One solution like multiple internal channels in the chain for things like MS processing or multi-band processing.

FFS, every thread where people ask for more insert slots, some dude comes up with this type of question, implying that we don’t need so much inserts.

Look, there are lots of different people using Cubase, doing different music, with different equipments and styles.

If this puzzles you, open your own thread in the general forum, ask there and stop hijacking threads where people look for solutions regarding the “low insert slot problem”.

Are all of you aware that you can also put metering plugins in the control room section?
That’s normally where you put everyting that does not affect the signal.


+1 true…
but anyway there are a lot of cubase users want and need more than 8 inserts,so could be a good idea from steiny to include it.

So as not to hijack this fine thread, can you PM me with how this is done. I don’t use multiple cues, so I hardly ever open the Control room.