More instrument and fx plugins available soon?

Does anybody know if and when there might be more plugins available for purchase? Do they have to be created by Steinberg or can 3rd party companies make and sell plugins for Cubasis 3 on Android? I will buy everything that pops up on that store, and if I was able to make my own using samples that would be even cooler


Yes! Particularly in the area of Amp/cabinet/mic Sims. And importing/creating IRs.

At this point, I’ll take anything; I’m a hoarder lmao. But I would love some sample based instruments

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Hi @GraziTheMan,

Thanks for your message!

Normally, new Cubasis features will be announced once becoming available.

Unfortunately, the Android platform lacks an option which allows to use 3rd party instruments and effects app within Cubasis.

We suggest to get in touch with Google, to let them know that you want to see such feature (to making them aware about the demand).

Hope that helps!

Stay safe,

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Thank you for the reply, Lars!

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