More intelligent auto zooming when opening editors. i.e. 'zoom to looped area'

Ok, this is something I find really annoying, especially as mouse scrolling is awfully jumpy.

When I double click on an event and it opens up an editor window, Cubase will try and display the entire event despite only part of it covered by the loop cycle area, which is the area I’m usually working in. Would it not be better if Cubase would zoom into the area that’s being looped rather than the entire event, or the option to toggle between the two, or even a short cut to zoom into the loop area. The program’s navigation sucks to use at the moment.

Zoom to locators

is this a feature? or suggestion? please elaborate

It’s one of the zoom commands in the Key Commands dialog.

You should create macros to customize your workflow.

Thanks, I’ve overlooked the key commands section, have just assigned this to a key, will have a look at other possible shortcuts.

‘Zoom To Selection’ is another key command you might find useful.

Yes, thanks, been using both Zoom to Selection and Zoom to Locators since and it has helped loads!