More Interesting N13 behavior

Overall I’m enjoying N13 but there are some things that are not working well for me and I’m wondering if they happen to others.

  1. Cursor: Auto Scroll is on and I have it set to “Stationary Cursor” just like in all previous versions. When I hit stop and click on an area to zoom in N13 does not zoom in centered on where the cursor is sitting and I have to turn off Auto Scroll and then turn it back on to center the edit window on the cursor.
  2. In previous versions if I added a Marker Track or a Track Visibility Configuration or anything that would ask me to enter a name, the name field would already be highlighted and I could just type. In N13 I have to click in the field in order to enter a name. Is this a preference I missed or did the behavior get changed?

Thanks all!


I’m having the same Stationary Cursor issue.

It’s a little annoying!


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Can confirm. Same in N12 btw. At least for me. Usually toggling it once per project-start seems to suffice.

Editing is an absolute nightmare on this iteration!

I was trying to edit a drum performance yesterday. That meant having to cut/copy/paste 7 tracks together for every edit. In 12.7, you just select the tracks, split them and then move or shrink or whatever altogether. Done.

In N13, you have to keep the cursor over the tracks to do the same thing. If you don’t, both sides of the split stays connected and you can’t process the part you want without screwing up everything else.

Even when you have the selected tracks prepped properly for processing the connection doesn’t hold. You have to constantly REconnect them for each step! Really annoying.

While working on a single track, say, track 10, when I moved the cursor down from point A to point B and hit enter, the cursor jumps to track 14! What’s that about?

It took over 2 hours to edit 16 bars!!! Once I got it saved, I moved back to N12.7 to continue the edits.

While I didn’t see any features in N13 that would make me want to update, I thought I would just to stay current. But now, until they fix all of these bugs, I’ll be staying with 12.7.

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