more intuitive workflow for game audio assets

I was wondering if there are any features planned for game audio specific asset design? For me the most noticable thing missing is some clever way to import, edit, audition and render final assets using source content that consist of multiple source layers with take variations (performance, multiple mics, randomisation).
Things like track lanes and audio parts are meant to only play your favourite take, instead of letting you for instance randomise takes. I get how that makes sense for linear stuff, but for non linear projects it is pretty limited.
I’m looking for the kind of multitrack editing and auditioning you would find in some game audio middleware like Fmod. But that’s not a DAW and not intended for asset exporting… Being able to hit play and hear all layers with both randomised AND selected content as a rough preview of what you would hear in the game.
Designing sound with non linear media in mind. It would also mean needing improved export audio mixdown options. So you can export all that stuff on the same timeline location into separate named final assets.
And even better also some way to batch import with options to group content according to folder origin and naming convention.
Ok, sort of a rant, cause there is obviously lots of design choices to make here. But currently the whole design process to me feels totally linear.