More Libraries

You’d think after all these years SB would have been busy making more libraries for Halion. Are there more, maybe 3rd party, that I’m unaware of. I looked in the SB website and only found the small selection, iconica, dulcimer, marimbas and so on.

Shouldn’t SB offer more like kontakt?

yes more would be great

More libraries have been released recently. It doesn’t help that the Steinberg site is currently split - you start at the old but some new products are only on (which you cannot visit directly, as it redirects to Some products are on both, some are not. Hopefully Steinberg will get everything on soon and retire the old web site.

If you go to the page for Electric Bass, which is one of the recent releases, and click ‘more products’ at the top, you will see Zilhouette Strings, Vibrant, RAST-A, Olympus Choir (two editions - the smaller Elements is included in Dorico 3 Pro and Absolute 4), Hybrid Bundle (which can also be brought as separate products POLY and WAVE), Bouncy Vibrations and Future Bass. Most if not all of these have been announced in the past six months.

If they released the Halion Artist and Pro soundsets outside of Cubase, I would buy them in a heartbeat.

Yeah, Halion Seems to “die” after they release a new version. I’m surprised they haven’t done more either. I’m wondering if it’s because Halion isn’t that big a seller for Steiny.

I’m lost. You have them as part of Halion Sonic now right? I wish that we could bypass those silly little “macro” faces and just get to the synth engine. There is too much jumping around to do anything. UGH, but it IS the best VST Workstation right now.