More Long Time Noob Questions: Transport.

First in a series of ‘noob’ questions. I apologise up front if they’re ‘RTFM’. At the risk of ‘TMI’, I’m now on what we call ‘Disability’ in the USA and I -need- SIMPLE instructions. These looong videos do my head in. HATE 'EM.

  1. In WL4… (yes, that’s where I’m coming from) I could use the Home key DURING PLAYBACK to instantly move back to 0. Can WL9 Pro be configured to do so. If so, how.

  2. It seems like WL9 has ‘markers’ as in Cubase where one can instantly navigate to Markers. But there are so frickin’ many -types-. I just want to go bang, bang, bang, bang… and lay down 10 of them which are keyed to ‘key commands’ 0-9 as in Cubase. How do I do this?

In Cubase go to 0 is < (less sign)

Set markers is Ctrl+1/2/3/…
Go to marker Shift+1/2/3/…

I doubt you didn’t find any answer till now, did you?

On my system, “home” during play will still return the cursor to zero. I need to restart play to get it to play from that point. Is that what you mean?

  1. Try using F6 instead of Home key. This will take you back to the beginning of an audio file (or the beginning of the current selection).
  2. Use the Insert key to insert generic markers on the fly. Use 1+M, 2+M, 3+M, 4+M and so on to locate to each marker. (You may have to re-assign shortcuts for ‘1’, ‘2’ which are assigned to other commands to allow these to work properly). Or use ‘(’ and ‘)’ for previous/next marker.

So, If want to always play from where the cursor started how do I do that?

Right now the cursor just runs off like a 4 year old at a candy store.

Is this an option? If the answer is I have to set some specific marker (one of the 2.5 million markers available) I’m going to scream.

This software is so powerful but its a fist fight to f#(#(*ing do BASIC stuff. And if you want new users, it can’t be this hard. Its like I’ve walked in on a private conversation that started 15 years ago…

Also, if this is all in the manual, I’ll go read it, but I’ve looked under terms like CURSOR, PLAYBACK HEAD. No dice.

LOL. I =half= agree with this.

For me, WL4 =was= easier to use.

I’m finally getting used to WL9 and it -is- super powerful and easy to use.

BUT I also have to say that there still do seem to be some simple things (like play from cursor) that still elude me. I’m sure they are there… but they just seem buried down deep. I don’t know quite how to balance the ‘power’ and the ‘simplicity’. aspects.


I think this should be the default, it’s so common. You have to right-click the Stop button to set it.

Or use the NUM-0 twice. First to stop, then to go back to where the cursor was before playback.