More metronome errors

The curse of the missing port returns. Whenever I open a file, the metronome port is missing. I select Halion, tick “map always”. Go to Metronome/Click Sounds; check the output to Halion is there. Re-select it. Save. The next time I open the file, it will be missing. Error usually happens after a Steinberg update of some kind - in this case probably Halion. This metronome thing really is comical. How many years has it been going on for now?

I really don’t think it will ever be fixed, so please tell me what I should do. Just use the internal (Cubase) sounds? Send to MIDI hardware? Just develop a Nostradamus type instinct for the first beat of the song? Thanks folks.


Could you share a screenshot of the Metronome Setup window, please? Do I understand it right, you are using MIDI metronome routed to HALion Sonic?

Jaja maybe you could make a macro (obviously not a solution) but don’t know if it’s possible right now because I’m not at the studio but I’ll check it later