more midi resolution continuous controllers

I see that there are of 8191 step for the continuous controllers, but when I am editing extremely sensitive parameters (like sweeping ring modulation frequencies in a modular synth vsti - I verified that it’s not a resolution problem on the synth side - it is capable of totally smooth transitions), I hear stepping, even though the midi controller info looks pretty dense (obviously my midi controller is waaaay worse as it outputs 127 steps). Is there any way to increase the resolution more?

Can you be more specific?

Midi controllers (single CC) only have a 128-level (usually 0-127) range. It’s only when they are combined in an LSB/MSB pair that they give the 8192 levels (then being 14 bit). I’ve never seen any CCs edited in this mode - the only MIDI data I can think of that is edited as 14 bit is pitch bend.

What are you trying to control?

Yes, where do you see “8191” for continuous controllers?

Like djaychela pointed out, basic MIDI CC’s are 0-127, which is why we are asking for more details. :slight_smile:

Also, did you make sure Cubase isn’t quantizing your CC events?

Sorry about that, I thought I was editing mod wheel cc - I was actually looking at the controller lane for Pitchbend when I saw the 8191 values (it reads out the value depending on your cursor position).

I’m editing a virtual analog synthesizer vsti and need to sweep across several octaves smoothly (and it’s a ring modulation sound, which makes waaay more sensitive to stepping problems). I know that the synth will smoothly sweep (the stepping problem is not on the synth side) because it can do so internally with the vsti’s lfo. But since I need draw out the curves for the modulation for my composition, I need to use the controller lane (unfortunately the synth won’t allow me to choose pitchbend to sweep the pitch, I need to choose a cc).

I’m somewhat of a novice at the LSB/MSB stuff. Is there any way to set up a controller to give higher resolution from the controller lane?