More mouse misbehaviour in Dorico 5

When I use the Hand Tool to pan around, nothing happens. If I click the Marquee Tool and then the Hand Tool again, it _sometimes_works.

I have an expensive and good Roccat mouse, hard wired and not via Wifi or Bluetooth. I also tried this with my other expensive Logitech G series Pro, and same problem. [I equate expensive with good and reliable when it comes to mice.]

Due to other mouse issues (see other recent topic) I am at zoom factor 201%, if this makes any difference.

Piano piece. currently only 22 pages. Not a large score yet.

WIndows 11 Insider Preview

|Edition|Windows 11 Home|
|OS build|22631.1900|
|Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22646.1000.0|

By me somehow the same. When I open the file, hand tool is selected but not working. Marque tool is working but not selected. My default setting is opening with the marque tool. I almost never use the hand tool.

When I select marque tool and then again hand tool it works but not very snappy.

The file here is the first bars of an arrangement. I closed it with marque tool selected but when I open it the hand tool is selected but not working.

New created files work as expected.

Windows 11 Pro

This is not a mayor problem for me but maybe it helps solving it.
Mouse.dorico (932.3 KB)

I’m also having problems - since yesterday I’m using Mac OS Ventura of course this could be a coincidence. Clicking on an item (eg new document) is especially problematic. For now I solve it by placing the mouse pointer over it and pressing SHIFT + ENTER, which gives the same result.

I imagine this is a Qt problem. Definitely needs sorting.

You might find that the state of the buttons in the status bar belie the actual state of which tool is active – tapping Alt+H a couple of times to toggle the tool should set things straight.

As it happens I was looking at this just yesterday and I believe I’ve sorted this out, so it should be in better shape in the next update (subject to my colleagues in our testing team agreeing that I have indeed cracked it).

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@dspreadbury excellent as usual! Hope for a smoother experience soon.