More MR816 Noise?

Oh well, did a DI-recorded guitar the other day to fiddle about with some re-amping.
This is what happened:
When i routed the recorded DI guitar out (through ch3) to my amp, some noise came along with the signal, so when re-amping with distortion, the noise was unbearable… So getting a re-amp box is what’s going to happen…

There’s a M-Audio Profire 2626 in my setup as well (wich I never use due to the fact that the pres are utter crap!). Plugged the DI in there and had another go. What happened was this: It was almost dead quiet, and re-amping was almost possible now.

Well, does anybody know why a “hiss” tags along with the DI signal through my MR816x and not the 2626? When recording other things (i.e mikes) there is not the same problem…

This is what I used:
Ibanez RG550 with DiMarzio pu’s, Monster rock1000 cable into Samson S-Direct phantom powered, pro-XLR from DI to MR816x/2626.

I researched and didn’t find a way to reamp without a reamp box. I ended up getting the little labs redeye 3d. Sorry I can’t help you with the noise, just curious about how others are accomplishing reamping with the MR816.