More natural sounding renders? Loop optimisation?

Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, I did a quick search and found nothing…

When using the render feature, is it possible to do so where the end is pasted to the front for more natural loops? In Native Instruments Maschine this is called loop optimisation but I’m not sure if Cubase has it’s own term for it…

Another example is if you have a sound with a reverb tail at the end… on bar one of the render the reverb tail is absent making the loop point very abrupt & noticeable.

Checked the Render settings menu and besides extending the tail (which just lengthens the render) I can’t find a way to ‘optimise’ the loop.

Is it possible?

Surely I’m not the only one who would find this of interest?

It’s starting to look that way… :frowning:

That would be good if there was I way to do it automatically - I haven’t seen it, but have done it by rendering multiples of the desired loop and cutting the loop from the middle so the start has the tail from the previous section of the loop. But you really almost have to make two, or three loops - the first will be the start of the section where there wouldn’t be a tail, the second would be the repeating part of the loop, and the third would be the end of the loop where there are no longer any new notes - just the tail.

I know this doesn’t answer your question, but I tend to bounce loops dry , or at least without anything with a tail, and then add verbs and delays live to the processed loop to avoid your problem. With the added advantage that dry loops time stretch better.

No need to render multiple times. Just duplicate the Audio Event.

In fact when you Split audio you are creating 2 Audio Events and each has all the audio in it.

Try this

  1. Put a 1 bar audio loop on a Track
  2. Split it on beat 4 and drag the last bit onto another Track
  3. Drag the lower right corner of the first section to the right & it includes the audio you cut away
  4. Dragging the final beat to the left like this gives you back the first section of audio

Keep in mind an Audio Event behaves kind of like a window into an Audio File and you can resize and move this window around to show different portions of the Audio File.