More notes in bar in one instrument


I tried to Google it, I tried to quickly go through forums, but I didn’t find what I was looking for, it’s also hard for me to give it proper name, but I came across something what I can’t figure out.

In added picture this is what I need to replicate in the new score (and I need that also to be in the parts). Any tips on how to do it? Adding more notes then it would normally fit to the measure, but only in one instrument. That’s very important.

Thank you very much!


You can use tuplets for this. See here.

Ah. Good idea. I suppose I will hide the “tuplets” like 3, 6 etc. in Engrave mode. Thank you. Gonna try that.

You hide the tuplets (bracket AND number) in the properties panel. And don’t forget you can use whatever value of tuplet you might need, like 17x:5e
One of Dorico’s great strengths over the others.

Thank you. It worked :slight_smile:

I am struggling with tuplets. I have a lead-in bar of one quarter note (crotchet) into which I am trying to insert a quaver followed by 7 demisemiquavers to fit into the rhythm of 1 quaver, the total making 1 beat (crotchet) in the bar. I have tried many combinations and can’t get it to work. Can you advise?

Input the quaver as usual. Then, with the caret at on the second quaver, type 3 ; 7:4 Enter. Then type the notes.

Thanks very much for that.