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Two things please:

  1. I’ve had several attempts to add both horns and trumpets in D (without key signature) to a score and on all occasions the key signature has appeared. I have double checked that I am selection the no key signature option.

  2. When using Italian instrument names, I’ve noticed that Contrabasso is miss-spelt as Contrabbasso.

Thanks in anticipation.

Ian Schofield

Don’t know if this helps but I’ve been working on a score and transposing instruments had me flummoxed until I saw the Concert Pitch / Transposed Pitch menu items under the Edit Menu. They way they’ve implemented it is brilliantly simple.

Still hunting for a Trombe in A, though…

I had seen that menu and that just alternates between showing the concert pitch key signature and the transposed key signature on the two staves where I want no key signature on either of those staves.

However many thanks for you suggestion


Re 2): Contrabbasso is the correct term:

I’m afraid the option to show “no key” for instruments that suggest they will show no key isn’t working properly. We will address this as soon as we can.

Interesting about the spelling of Contrabasso / Contrabbasso. Adler’s book on orchestration shows Contrabasso, as does an old(ish) edition of Bellini’s Norma. However, various Rossini score that I have (in the Critical Edition) show Contrabbasso. In Italian discussion on the subject - that I managed to pick my way through seemed to come down on the side of Contrabbasso. So thank you Pietzcker for pointing that out. It just looked odd to me - possibly because I’ve just been working on a french score (well that’s my excuse).