More on noteheads

Firstly, happy new year all my Steinberg friends. I hope this will be a truly prosperous year for us all!

The reason I created a new thread is because my question is different and as the previous thread regarding noteheads was getting a bit lengthy and a bit boring near the end, aaand I was not in the mood to attract attention with yet another video.

Anyway, guys, now you’ve GOT to agree with me on this one…even then at least the person that vacuums your floors! :wink:

Given the enormous amount of time and GRAPHICAL attention you guys spend designing the preferences dialogues (which is pretty cool by the way), PLEASE, allow Dorico pop-up a little dialogue that shows us a GRAPHICAL representation of the different noteheads. GOODNESS…do you realise how many times I have to move my mouse north, find “Edit”, move down to noteheads…wait…wait and ah, the sub-menu opens up and the read through a LOOOONG list if all the wonderful notehead varieties Dorico offers…and after selecting one…IT’S THE WRONG ONE!!! UURG!!! Repeat the step again!!!

But with a pop-up, we can SEE the notehead and (unless Ulf pasted the wrong code under the “Click” event of the wrong notehead graphic), this notehead selection should be VERY FAST!! :smiley: :smiley: (Oh Yes Ulf, the pop-up should have some nice cooool disappearing animation…you know…modern look…NOT JUST POOOF and it’s GONE! Something like in “Mission Impossible”) :sunglasses: Not something like … Notehead_Dialog.visible=False :nerd:

Do I detect a Ribbon in the future…hiehiehiehiehie!!!

Keep cool guys…2017 just started and unless you add more features more rapidly, my “ISIS Rhapsody” is going to take forever…so attached heads are important…noteheads, I mean! :smiling_imp:

P.S. Don’t you guys have some smileys with “Well Done”, “Hand Claps”, “Champaign Popping” etc?

I agree that it would be ideal to have a graphical choice of noteheads in future.