More On Top Please

I would like to see more Window on top for Piano Roll, Drum Editor, Sample Editor
All so Beat Designer midi plugin… Anyone else please Reply for your favourites
So Steinberg will consider this…

I like it when there on top :unamused: :laughing:

Aloha I,
Can you post a screenshot so we can see
what you mean?

Perhaps you mean the “Always on top” feature? Available for more stuff. If so, I agree!

Absolutely agree! I’m still not sure what the point of the “mini browser” is without being able to keep it “on top”

That’s what she said…

Sorry :sunglasses:

Yes indeed, more windows for always on top!

Ba dum!

Good one S,

always on top for the pool (!) and the midi windows = YEAH!!

Somewhere - I just can’t find it right now - there is a post from Steinberg about this. The reason they don’t have always on top enabled all over the place is because it was too easy to mistake your focus and accidentally delete something you wouldn’t notice till it was too late.

Sounds like a safety mechanism learned about the hard way.

Yes That is correct :slight_smile:

anymore People agree ? :confused: :smiley:


Bump window always on top
more like piano roll drum editor media browsers

for me:
always on top for…

-Media Bay
-Key Editor + Drum Editor

  • Pool
  • VST Connections
  • (Pattern Designer)

that´s it! (not a real problem, isn´t it?) :mrgreen:

+2 from me and my psychotic kangaroo called billy !

Hi billy! welcome to our circle of psychopaths.
Sit down, relax, and tell us something about your problems with your daw.