More on Transposition

I’m rather at a loss of how to do transposition. Consider the 2 measures below of a simple piano score This 2 bar pattern starts on D flat . Now I can copy and paste this to a different part of score but I can’t seem to get to find the right key commands to get this transposed to D natural. The idea of transposition in my mind is to maintain the same interval relationships between notes when transposing, but maybe this is not what transposing means in Dorico.-

Use Write > Transpose:

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You can also ShiftAlt to transpose the selection up a semitone.

By the way, you can remove all these (nonsensical) fingerings at once with
Edit > Notations > Fingering > Reset Fingering.

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This works! Thanks.! Actually these fingerings are legit. It’s part of a piano etude and the very awkward fingerings are intentional. It’s an exercise for thumb passage.