More options for diagnostics

Congratulations on the release of Dorico 4! I’ve upgraded and I’m looking forward to trying out all the new features. And with that…I would like to request yet another!

Users can make powerful overrides, but sometimes it is not obvious where they are after-the-fact. As the software gets more sophisticated, it will be more important for users to be aware of the operations they’re making, especially if they don’t have a visible difference.

The new option to view notes that have suppressed playback is a great addition, and I think there should be many more like it. For example:

  • where note-spelling in parts has been overridden to be different from the score
  • where accidentals have been forced to be shown or hidden
  • where beams have been manually changed
  • where durations have been forced

More generally, it would be nice to have other tools that could help the user reveal the subtleties of the score, such as:

  • where courtesy or compulsory accidentals have been added
  • where something like a dynamic is a “local” object, applying to only one staff or voice
  • why adjacent staves cannot condense into one, or why double-stems cannot condense into single-stems

Cheers to the team — I look forward to future updates!

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