More options for numbering layouts

I would like to ask for more options to number layouts in Setup mode. My typical numbering scheme is, that the Full Score is 00 and all the parts are numbered in the order of the players in the score (and in the player list). A typical example for me is a ten-part Brass ensemble:

00 Score
01 Trumpet 1 in Bb
01 Trumpet 1 in C
02 Trumpet 2 in Bb
02 Trumpet 2 in C
03 Trumpet 3 in Bb
03 Trumpet 3 in C
04 Trumpet 4 in Bb
04 Trumpet 4 in C
05 Horn in F
05 Horn in C
06 Trombone 1 (Tenor clef)
06 Trombone 1 (Bass clef)
07 Trombone 2
08 Trombone 3
09 Bass trombone
10 Tuba

Sor far there are a lot of manual changes necessary for me.

This kind of request has been asked several times.
For the score, I usually edit the parent page of the score to have β€œ{@projectnumber@}-00” (so a hardcoded override).
For parts, I advise against having the same number for different transpositions.
Since only one of them would be played at a time, I would either put them at the end of the list (my choice) or in any case in a consecutive order.

I only use the numbers for the filenames of the PDFs I export. They don’t appear in the score or in the parts.
I use this kind of numbering for over 20 years now in hundreds of projects - I already did this this way in the old Sibelius days. It works very well for me.

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