more Orchestral Templates

Hi, I would like to see some complete project templates for various Orchestral Styles as well as Contemporary styles, Folk Styles, Cinematic etc…

The Scoring presets have the right idea as far as content style that I want to see but those seem specialized for Scoring people.

I would like to suggest some complete Midi project setups ready to go with the following:

  • soundset’s already loaded (from factory content around 100-200 tracks)
  • group and folder tracks already done
  • color coded neatly
  • starter reverb + eq

Yes this is a very personal thing, all the better… This would really help people get understanding of what a good template can do… Also a good way to quickly test system performance…

Oh and then owners of Halion/Sonic can get additional templates that are setup with those sounds…


ps if anyone have any nice ones to share, pls upload for us :slight_smile: