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I’ve read the “solution” to kerkenet’s recent problem of creating a pickup bar at the beginning of the piece – and it doesn’t work for me. Say a want 1- beat bar to pickup a 4/4 piece. I can fake it adding a standard 2/4 bar at the beginning then hiding the resultant key signature and living with a rest on beat 1. But then the “pickup” bar is counted, which I don’t want. I’ve tried the suggested shift-B with “4/4,1” trick without success; nothing happens.

There is a pickup bar feature on the time signature panel at the bottom of the right hand edge of the screen, but it seems to do nothing, and the printed Help doesn’t help.

I guess, I’m just missing something obvious.


The “4/4,1” (without the quotes) isn’t a trick; it is a major feature. Try it on a new (test) file. It should work, and if it does not, please come back so someone here can figure out why this will not work for you.

It’s shift-M (for “meter”), not shift-B.

“It’s shift-M”

My bad!. Thanks.


You’re welcome! Here’s a link to a list of Dorico popovers in pdf format:

It’s a bit over a year old, so it lacks the popovers for some of the newer features (like for cues, etc.), but I still find it to be a great reference. If there’s a more up-to-date file available, perhaps someone will post a link to it. If not, hopefully there will a more complete one available soon.

Dear Howard,
If you speak French, I have made a document with all keybindings, popovers and tokens (up to date) for my fellow Doricians…

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Thanks, Marc. Unfortunately, I don’t speak or read French – just English. It was very nice of you to put that document together, though.

Howard, I don’t speak french either but: if you open Marc’s document, you will find all popup commands and shortkeys in clearprint, they are all in red letters, so easily identifiable.
This document is a great help.
as a side effect one does notice that french and english has a lot in common - at least the latin routes…

I recently discovered that I can put any kind of pickup bar value in the pop over which is very helpful to know:

I am trying to input a pick-up bar in 3/4 time but just containing 1 quarter note followed by an eighth, essentially a half-bar pick-upScreenshot 2021-04-22 212006 . Is it possible to do this?

Yes, type 3/4,1.5.

Update: I think I got the math right but it’s forcing two tied eighths, I would like to force a quarter followed by an eighth just as in the example. Capture

You’ll need to force it by hand, I think. With that tied note selected type O 5 6.

Force Duration! What an intuitive tool, so intuitively titled that I didn’t see it. It’s the clamp icon. Thanks for your help! Your keyboard shortcut did the trick!