More QC!

Add support for more, many more QC per track.
And support for a new type of QC, system-or-global that is not dependent on selected track or any thing other.
Add support for a mixer type of QC that is selected upon the current mixer view in the same way as track QC is selected upon selected track.

As an example, waves C6 has 63 “knobs”. Fabfilter Pro-L has 15. They are on my mixbus. And usually there are some other stuff to using 10 -to 30 knobs. Like a EQ compressor. And then we have the cubase strip and input filter that another 32. I thought that 64 might be a good value, but its way to little. A BCR2000 has 56 knobs per page, and 16 pages if I remember it right. That is for a lowend device for home studios. (Total of 896 knobs). Ok, that might be hard keep in the head. But how could someone figure out that 8 was enough anyone?