More Questions On Track/Stack Relationship / Monitoring

Thanks all for the help on these questions. I am using live to process a band’s live audio (and eventually send signals to a DMX lighting board via Midi). In order to do a virtual sound check to “mix” the songs with effects before the performance (and hopefully anticipate what it will sound like assuming the performers play within similar parameters), I use tracks in each song and send those tracks to stacks, either global or song specific. One thing that I don’t understand is why the recorded tracks play even if monitor is engaged. Cubase, for example, mutes the existing audio when you are live monitoring that track to record. If I want to play a live show using tracks, I’ll have to delete my existing clips in the tracks or I suppose I could reroute the audio from mic inputs directly to the stacks but then I would lose recording capability.

Some shows I probably won’t record. I’d like to keep the reference tracks in place and just engage monitoring to mute them. Is there a way to do that?

Hi, There is an option in preferences where you can set playback yes/no in monitored tracks!

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Thanks, don’t know how I missed that.