MORE questions regarding automation...

still working with drawing automation in cubase, and there are a couple of operations i use a lot that i can’t figure out how to do in cubase.

Q1- when drawing automation, is there any way to constrain a clicked point to the current snap grid w/a single operation ? i.e. what i don’t want is to first click on the curve to create a point, then ctrl-move the point you just created to snap it to the grid. any way to create the point on the grid in the first place ?

Q2- is there any way to set an automation point to a specific, exact value ? i’m looking for functionality that’s similar to drawing points in the key editor, where you can select a point and change its value in the status line. can’t figure out how to do this w/an automation level.

thanks !

A1: No.

A2: Yes. Select the automation point, in the Info View of the Project window, you can find the information about the exact position and the exact value. You can change both here. If you have more than One points selected, then it works exactly as other events - value of the 1st selected (from left) is displayed. When you change the value, all values change relatively.

thank you ! works like a charm. :slight_smile:

And, if you hold the CTRL key before ENTER, then all selected points/notes/nodes will get the SAME value. :wink: