More Quick Control questions

In System Setup, I assigned CC1 (Mod Wheel) to control QC3 (I used the ‘Learn’ check box). That worked.
I go to a track and activate the QCs and assign the Vibrato Plugin Depth to QC3 to be used for modulation. If I turn the knob on the plugin or move the slider on the QC, the sound is what I want. But the Mod Wheel doesn’t move either of them. What am I missing?

did you do the qc assignment in vst qc or track qc?

Well… Actually, I did both, just to be sure.

But I shut down last night, turned things on this morning and it works! I think I’ve got it now…

Muchas gracias…

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Well, it worked once.
I’m trying to add vibrato to an instrument track. I put the Cubase Vibrato as an audio insert and assign the depth to QC slot 3. In System Setup, I have QC3 assigned to the Mod Wheel (both VST and Track), but the wheel doesn’t do anything to QC slot 3. What am I missing?


First of all, I would use the Mod Wheel (MIDI CC1) of the instrument. So I would just record MIDI CC1 to the MIDI track, in this case.

But if you want to control any plug-in parameter via MIDI, Quick Controls is the right way.

Please, do so for the Track Quick Control only. Otherwise, it could be messed up or blocked.

Could you please attach screenshots from the Studio Setup > Track Quick Controls and the Quick Controls tab in the Inspector?

As always, thank you for your help.

I removed CC1 from the VST QC Setup and have it only in the Track QC - QC#3. In the track, I can’t find where to assign QC3 to the Depth control in the Vibrato plugin. I can have either the Mod Wheel or Depth in Slot 3.


The settings seems to be right. Just enable Write automation, please.

Myself, I wouldn’t use the All MIDI Inputs for the Quick Controls. I would use the dedicated MIDI Port instead. And make sure, the All MIDI Inputs is not set in the VST Quick Controls, same as the dedicated MIDI In Port, please.

No success.
Another funny thing… I see assignments for other plugins in the MIDI Out on the settings page but not the Vibrato.

Now I managed to get the Mod Wheel to control the Depth but I lost the MIDI Thru and key triggering. No note on data going to the track - or any track.

I reloaded my preference file and it all works now… …perplexing… :woozy_face:

The next evening…
Went back in and no mod wheel control. I set QC 3 to CC#72 (Using the ‘LEARN’ check box) thinking that I could use a slider instead of the Mod Wheel and then CC#72 started controlling the Mod Wheel on the track. Set it back to CC#1 and nothing works.
I loaded another QC config and then went back to mine and suddenly it worked. I returned to work on the project and found that I was getting no audio from Groove Agent. In GA, under ‘Mixer/Kits’, the kit was muted. I was no where near GA during this time.
I unmuted the Kit and now the Mod Wheel doesn’t work…

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