More refined increment for the HiDPI Settings

This is a request.

It would be nice to allow a more refined increment for the HiDPI Settings. Currently, the applicable scaling is + or - 25%. The possibility of applying a scaling of even + or - 10% would already be more interesting. + or - 5% would be ideal.

Why make this request, simply because the use of scaling linked to system settings on a FULL HD screen makes a lot of information difficult to see clearly on the screen for the Projects and MixConsole windows.

A Scaling of +25% makes the information easy to see and read, however a VST like HALion Sonic for certain instruments takes up all the screen space and we lose accessibility to certain elements such as the keyboard and other settings. It is impossible to adjust the VST window.

So, if it’s possible, give us more latitude for these settings.

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