More room for 'details' in the mixer history please

I was trying to debug a noise issue I was having by removing plugins one by one. It would have helped a lot if the History in the Mix Console had room for more than 8 characters.


Hi, you can change the column widths by dragging the vertical lines in the headers left or right respectively.

Thanks for the reply.
Okay, thanks. But there still isn’t enough details there. It stating that ‘Channel settings applied’ is not helpful. It should state which plugin has been removed.

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@Jendrik_Seiler when moving/disabling/removing plugins there is missing the information, which plugin it was and on which track it happened.

When changing paramters on 3rd party plugins you only see the name of the plugin, but not the track or the slot number (because you can load the same plugin multiple times on a track of course).
It would perhaps be nice to have separate columns for

  1. Track name
  2. Slot number
  3. Plugin name
  4. Edit information

Which are always visible for all operations. Is something like this planned perhaps?


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