More Sends and Direct Routing slots available.

Just like the Inserts section for audio related tracks was expanded to hold 16 plugins, I would love to see the same thing for Sends and direct routing.

I use this for exporting stems and it’s a really wonderful way of doing routings and it seems that it doesn’t cost that much CPU when it’s bypassed.

Thanks for a fantastic program. Really enjoying Nuendo 10 coming from Cubase 10 recently. Especially getting Preview for automation. Amazing!
Having more routing slots would just be extra cream on the crop :slight_smile:

+1 More Sends!



CUE sends!

Start another thread.

16 FX sends is really important to my workflow. I have 2 Artist Mix, and would love to have the 16 rotary knobs all preset with FX sends similar to a LFC workflow.
Thanks Steinberg