More Sends In Cubase 6

Is it possible to activate more Sends in Cubase 6? A project that I am working on right now features a kick drum audio track who’s Sends are all used up due to side-chaining. Does anybody know a work around besides grouping audio tracks together and then side-chaining them as a whole?

What about if you duplicate the audio track. Then if needed, put them both in a folder track and enable group editing so you can edit them as a single track.

How about this:

  1. Make a group track, let´s call it “A”
  2. Route the audio track exclusively to this group track “A”
  3. Route the group track “A” to your regular output

Now you extended your audio track… you have 8 sends from your audio track and 8 more sends from the added group track “A”. I you need more send, just add another group directly behind the group track “A” and so on…
In Cubase we can have up to 256 groups, and feedbacks are avoided by the program, so nothing to worry about.

You can use this way too, if you need more inserts.
Hope this help´s.


Wow, thanks for the excellent tips, guys!

EPIC guys !! been wanting to do this for agessssss. never crossed my loose mind that i could do that.

Thanks xx