More sends in mixer channels

Hi, i need to have 5 discrete sends because we are 5 members and all have personal iem transmitters. I have a project with 40 songs, 5 global stacks plus backing track for each song; Is there a way to add 1 more send, at the moment there are 4 sends only… i worked around that by creating global groups for each stack (plus the global group for the backing tracks and another group to receive the backing tracks group just to have the 5th send on backing tracks also) and using one fo the group sends for the 5th element, but then i have also 5 separate outs for the stacks, 6th out for the backing track, plus 5 outs for the iems and the mixer is becoming a bit cluttered :crazy_face: (out channels don’t have sends).

“In the making” since Feb 2023. :pensive:

You can create a Group Channel to have 7 sends. Say „Bass“ should be sent to more than 4 iems, send 3 to the first 3 musicians, create a Group Channel (say „Bass IEM“, and send to up to 4 more targets from there.
Yes, „in the making“, actually it‘s working already but there are problems like changing user interface, manual etc; and there is this workaround, so priority strikes back :slight_smile:

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Yes i did it this way, but having to do it for 5 stacks and 1 backing tracks group (so a grup for a group!!) Gives me 12 channels to manage and remember where i put the sends… adding 13 outputs this project mixer is becoming a mess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Anyway nice to know this sooner or later will be addressed! Thanks!

Ok, did not see that.

Sure, we know it’s tedious. We’ll push priority for more sends and inserts.

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