More snap to hitpoint in editors (audio)

I find that when editing audio in projects that it would be so useful to simply be able to align start/stop, scissors, as well as other tools to audio hitpoints which are visible in those editors already.
Without actually applying Hit-point slicing there are a couple of ways to continue non-destructive editing of audio with that hit-point information.
The ‘Snap point’ can ‘snap’ to those locations from the editor, which can be very useful and I use that method all the time.
However you can’t simply snap start/stop markers in either Arranger or Editor as far as I know.
All the information is already pre-scanned (according to preferences) so I doesn’t sound like it would be too hard to add that for start/stop and scissors (and maybe even more?)


anyone else? It would be nice to get some more support for snap to hitpoints around various Arranger and Audio editor workspaces.