More sound issues

Good Morning,

I am having some strange issues with sound in Dorico

Firstly, my file opens up and defaults to trumpets. I can change this back to strings;Agrippina overture.dorico (677.4 KB) but then, Dorico transposes the 1st violin so that it plays one whole step higher than the other parts. When I click on individual notes the pitch is correct, however. This only seems to happen in NotePerformer and not Hallion.

Secondly; the parts are not co-ordinated in playback; the 2nd violin and viola are often way behind the other parts (touch of verisimilitude, maybe :slight_smile: ). I am running Dorico 3.5.10 on a mac with 10.14 and 16GB Ram, so there should be enough power to drive the audio engine.

This doesn’t happen with any other score that I have.

I am attaching the file.

Any help would be much appreciated, as always.



NotePerformer I take it? Just to save time for anyone else like me who doesn’t have it. I’m sorry I can’t be more help, but I did try. Plays fine with an alternative template - so maybe the shortest route is to create a new project and copy paste from this one?

I can’t help much with the unruly transposition of the first violins; I can only assume that it’s possible to transpose the music in NotePerformer by way of a particular MIDI controller, and one of the MIDI controllers for which you have data recorded in the violin 1 track is responsible, though I tried searching the documentation for evidence that such a thing exists and wasn’t able to find it. Perhaps you can find it better than me.

For the playback timing of the violin 2 and viola, though, it looks like there’s a reasonably simple explanation: if you look at the Play mode display for those two parts, you’ll see that there are pretty heavy playback offsets for many of those notes, including quite a few that are offset late. You should find that resetting the playback offsets for those passages improves that quite considerably.