More speed or more cores? Or both?

Aloha guys,

I know that this question has been around
since the first multiprocessor
and then the first multicore 'puters.

I’m looking at getting some new gear this year.
1-new mixing desk
1-new 'puter (pondering the HP)
2-new laptops

I know that years ago it was speed and not so much cores
that was most efficient to us DAW users.

Wondering now if that has changed. Is it still an issue etc?

Especially when it comes to the laptops. More speed or more cores?
Or both?

Any thoughts,


a rather broad question.

GHz is still king. however you cant compare one architecture to another.
EG: a 3.4GHz 4 core Ivy is much slower than a 3.4GHz Sandy E 6 core.
more to do with architechture than the added 2 cores

on the other hand a dual Xeon will get its butt kicked by a single 6 core until you get way up there is GHz with the Xeons. (basically 2x 3.1GHz 8 core)

right now the best purchase is the 6 core Sandy E
preferably the 3930k overclocked to 4.5GHz.

Mahalo for that post J

Good advice.