More Test Failures.

Mojave client. VST Connect 4.0.20.
White Screen of Death.

PC Client. Win 10. VST Connect 4.0.20.
I could hear them, they couldn’t hear me.
Error warnings of mismatched sampling rates.

PC Client. Win 10. VST Connect 4.0.20
Sound Card set to 48kHz.
Glitchy. Unstable. Worked for a second then died.

So far I am approaching 50% failure rate.
Not exactly stellar.

experiencing the same thing… been messing with it for three solid days but still no results…not a massive amount of help on the forum (had some and really appreciate it), I think most users tried it had no success and just leave it. I have joined quite a few Cubase groups on FB and have yet to hear from anyone who has actually used it successfully :frowning:

try Oh, and we can certainly tell from the logs and our workload that quite a lot are definately using it successfully.

Switched to Source Element. Much more stable and cross platform.

there has been a lot of stability updates since you last tried it, not perfect but worth a revisit I think

Source Element isn’t quite the same or as useful (IMO)

I use both, but using Source Elements much less now. My reqs maybe a little different to yours. Recording 8 plus tracks of drum mics and importing the hi res wavs from the performers system is not possible with Source Elements. With VST Connect Pro, its a relative breeze. I’ve rarely had issues since getting my head around setup, which did take some time and perseverance, but considering the times we’re in, it has proven well worth it.