More than 16 instruments in Halion?

Hello, all! This may be a bit of a noob question, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer. I am pretty new to actively using HALion Sonic SE, and I’m at a loss right now. I am using HAlion through Dorico 3.5. I have over 16 instruments in my score- I have 18. Only 16 of those instruments loaded into HALion and are in playback. I obviously want ALL of the instruments in playback, but two of the percussion instruments (bass drum and crash cymbals) are not in playback or loaded into HALion Sonic when I go into “play” mode. I know HALion only has 16 channels, but this has to be a common issue as full orchestral scores can have over 16 instruments. How do I get all of the instruments to play in playback?

Dorcio will open more instances of Sonic if it needs them.

Quick fix (Use this if you’ve not done a bunch of tweaking and customization to your instruments and/or the expression maps for them):

  1. Go to Play/Playback Template.

  2. Pick the template you want to use. Dorico Pro has several options. HSSE+HSO (Pro) will use the Halion Symphonic libraries where it can, and gets the rest from the Basic and Artist libraries. The (SE) template uses sounds from the Basic and Artist library. Elements will only use instruments in the Basic GM Library (and maybe some other small ones that ship with Dorico).

Once you’ve picked a template, click Apply and Close.
Dorico will automatically reset and rebuild your instrument end points. It will open as many Sonic instances as it needs in the process.

If you’re using custom sounds, a mix and match of plugins from different parties, or have heavily tweaked/customized your initial Sonic instances and/or expression maps, then you might want to manually add another Sonic instance and rebuild whatever is missing. In the play tab, you can connect each stave to whatever instrument plugin and channel you like. You can load more instrument plugins. You can assign the expression maps you want for each channel of each plugin. Etc.

If you want/need to tweak the expression maps, drum maps, and so forth, those can be found in the Library menu.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This totally solved my probelm- I was in the SE template and the sounds I needed weren’t available. :slight_smile: