More than 2 PCs with a single USB licenser?

Apologies for asking if this has been answered before, but my searches have not turned up anything:

If I remember correctly, a Dorico licence may be used on up to two PCs (one at a time). What happens if I install Dorico on a third PC and use the same dongle on it? Will that cause Dorico to stop working on one of the others?


Only the PC with the dongle in it will work. The program will under no condition start without a dongle

I think the license agreement says that you are only allowed to install the software on 2 PCs, but technically we have no way of checking that. So you can install Dorico on as many computers as you like. However it will only run properly on the machine where the USB licenser is connected to.

This also applies to the Soft-eLicenser, you can only have the license active on one computer. The USB-eLicenser makes it much easier to transfer the license between computers. Just plug it in and Dorico works.

Also note that the license agreement was likely written by a lawyer who had no idea how Steinberg software works, so I think you can safely ignore the part where it says that you can only install your software on 3 computers. It makes zero sense considering how the eLicenser and Steinberg installers work.