More than 4 Sends possible?

Hi @all and hi @Spork,

is it possible to add more than 4 sends?

We want to do a monitor-mix of our backing tracks for all 6 musicians. But I can’t find a solution to add more than 4 sends.

It would be very nice if the send section can be blown up to 10 sends.


Requested months ago. Still “in the work” I think :pleading_face:

While 8 sends are in the planning, you can always extend sends and inserts by adding Group channels:
click the “Group” button in the mixer, then send from the channel you want to extend to that new
Group channel; now you have 7 sends (3 left on the original channel, and 4 more with the new Group). You can further extend that to 9 by adding another Group channel etc.

Thx for the input. Should work, but becomes very confusing (18 Groups for 18 Tracks).

@Spork: Can you say something about the expansion of busses. Is it in development or canceled?

It is in development.