More than 8 sends for sidechaining

Please add possibility to change sends number per channel like you did for inserts in Cubase 9.5. I’m always using lots of tracks with sidechain, so i have to duplicate kick channel up to 10 times to be able to use 80 sends for 80 tracks to be sidechained individualy. I dont like to use group tracks for this purpose as i prefer to configure sidechain for each track separately. Or make it possible to choose sidechain feeding source like it’s done in logic pro for example. Would be much more comfortable. Thanks

Holy shit…80 sends of individually crafted sidechains?

Dude I gotta sit down before I listen to that! :slight_smile:

Cubase 10 out. They made it easier to add sidechain source but it still using send’s. I guess it’s impossible to make it like in Logic by using unlimited invisible sidechain sends from single channel? Still have to duplicate my kick channel in case i need more than 8 sidechaines…