More than one block adjustment in Variaudio

Back in the day i could hit ctrl+A and drag a “block” to a note and all blocks (affected by ctrl+A) would move to the nearest absolute note.
In C7 all blocks move relative to the block i just dragged, i.e they don’t move to the center of a note but they move the same distance it took my mouse-held-note to get into place.

Did that make sense? And/or did i overlook anything in TFM?

Not sure if your issue is the same as mine only your’se is but with multiple blocks but even if i try to move one block to a certain key, before it used to snap right into the key. It no longer behaves this way and i have to click shift or alt i believe and move it in key.

Same problem here. Could someone chime and at least tell us it is working for them? Posted in this thread originally, no answers there either.