More than one key editor at the same time?

Hello everybody,
I´m trying to open more than one key editor at the same time, to easily copy and paste between midi files.
But its only one key editor that just switches. And when I mark two midifiles and open the key editor, it opens both files in the same editor, which doesnt do me any good, cause the notes are overlapping.
I couldnt find anything in the manual, is there maybe something I have to check box or does anyone have a clue how to help me? Oh, merry christmas btw…

Thanks a lot!

You can easily copy MIDI data between tracks with the in place editor.

in place editor? sorry, never heard of that.
what do you mean?

It’s just one of the editors. I’m surprised you’ve never seen it.

MIDI > Open In-place editor

its caused its called totally different in german, got my cubase talking german, thanks for the tip, but that still doesnt allow me to view 2 midi editors at the same time… or maybe I´m too stupid! But thank you very much anyway

If you open it on more than one track you will.

mmmh…it keeps just switching around.
but whole cubase is starting to behave strange right now.
maybe time for some food and rebooting.
thank you very much again, I will check this later!!!

This one got me at first. If you dig around in the Preferences you can unlink the editors and then you’ll be fine.

Preferences/Editing - un-check “link editors”

Then you can open multiple instances of the editor.

Wondering in what cases u would want the editors linked. Changes made to ONE midi part affect another midi part/track?

unlinking the editors didnt do the trick, it still opens just one editor… bumber

Can you describe exactly what you are doing? I regularly have 2-4 Key Editor windows open at the same time. One thing that does occur is the second window that opens is the same size and in the same location as the first one, so one completely covers the other until you move it a bit.

If you have both the Key and List Editors open, double-clicking another part will open it in both when the editors are linked. How that is useful is a mystery to me. :open_mouth: Especially when you loose the capability to open multiple instances of an editor.

Well I got two midifiles and I want them both to be open in two different key editors.
So when I double click the first file, the editor opens, now when I doubleclick the second midifile, the allready open editor, just changes its data to the second (last) clicked midifile.
I don´t know what I´m doing wrong, unfortunately there is nothing hidden under the editor, I thought I was too stupid when I read your post, but, no, theres is nothing there :frowning:

Wow, that is exactly how it is supposed to behave if the editors are linked. I can’t think of anything that would cause that behavior. Things I’d try (without expecting much): What happens if you use the midi dropdown menu instead of double-clicking to open the Key Editor. Try changing your default editor (manual pg. 683) to something else like the List Editor, use that on a couple of parts and then changing it back. If you still have C7 on your system, verify the behavior in it. Does it behave this way on every project - does a new project do this too.

You could submit a service request at My Steinberg.

FYI, the midi stuff that is sitting on tracks in your project are called MIDI Parts, not Files. A MIDI File is something that sits on your disk with a .mid extension.

Ok, thanks for clearing the midifile and midipart up.
Well, I dont have C7.5 anymore on the computer, so I can’t try that.
And for all your other ideas, no luck, same behaviour.
If you guys don’t have the problem than I guess the install is corrupt,
and I’ll have to reinstall.
Contacting Steinberg is not an option, I still have an open ticket from almost 4 months ago…
It’s just the worst support I have ever encountered.
Thank you guys for your support!!!

Before reinstalling you might try trashing yuor preferences file by renaming it and letting Cubase rebuild it.

I’ve usually gotten a response to support requests within a few days. But I suppose that depends on what the problem is and where you are located. Good luck.

well, I´m located in germany, home of Steinberg… maybe thats why I´m still waiting for my open ticket…
jokes aside, the clean reinstall did the trick! now its just like you described and everything works the way it makes sense to me and I guess is suppose to be! Again thank you very much for all your help! Much faster than any support team!

Great to hear you got it working correctly. :smiley:

Thank you for this threat and the help it gave to me to solve the problem for opening more than one window at a time.