More than one track playing the chords track?

Can I have more than one track or instrument playing the chords track? How can I do it?

Thanks for any help.

yes you can. have chord track play monitored track. arm monitoring on several instruments tracks and it will play all instruments

Thank you very much Glenn. It works.

Is there any alternative way to do it? I mean, is it possible to make the chords track to play 2 or 3 instruments but not to play other monitored tracks in case I want other monitored tracks to play something different?

Again, thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. I’ve always thought the Chord Track should be treated like any other MIDI source and appear as another available MIDI In for any Track to use. But I guess we can’t have nice things… :cry:


  1. Route the Chord Track to a MIDI Track and use its MIDI Sends to distribute the MIDI to 4 or less other MIDI or Instrument Tracks.

  2. If you use a third party Virtual MIDI Cable you can route it wherever (3rd time I’ve written this in the last week, must be something in the air). Route the Chord Track to a MIDI Track with its MIDI Out set to the Virtual Cable. Now all the other MIDI & Instrument Tracks can use the Virtual Cable as a MIDI source. I use LoopBe for this and have for a long time - good chance there are better choices now so search first.