More track colours appear and disappear

I installed Cubase Pro 9.5.10 on a PC that has never had Cubase installed on it and to which I had not imported any Cubase settings.

On the Track Color Selector, shown from the Inspector, I counted 88 colours, 72 if the ‘Cubase Colors’ at the end of the list we a subset of the preceding ones. The list did look strange, as it was horizontal and stretched across most of the combined width of my two high-resolution monitors. The same number of colours were listed vertically on clicking the Color Tool on the tool bar.

I had not installed the Iro Track Color Pack, provided by seyoum, or any other third-party add-on. So I assumed that the extended list of track colours was now provided by Steinberg as part of the GUI customisation enhancements introduced at version 9.5.

I mentioned this to a friend who had just upgraded to Cubase Pro 9.5, because he had said he would like more than the 16 track colours that had previously been available. He said he could still only see 16 colours. So, next time I turned on my computer I checked. This time I could only see the 16 track colours. Several days later, with Cubase having been reloaded several times, the extended range of 88 has never come back. Yet I had not knowingly done anything to hide them.

So how do I get the list of 88 track colours back? Or was I never supposed to have seen them in the first place? Is these a setting I can change to control this? Or is this a bug?

Oops, my mistake! It dawned on me that, as project-specific colours can be defined, that may have been what I saw. Sure enough, the 88 colours are in the Cubase 9.5 Demo Project, which I had downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I would not want a colour set that is as big as the one in the Demo Project anyway, as it runs off the screen. However, I can see the potential of cutting it down to a more manageable size and saving it as my global program default. All of that can be done via options in the Project Colors dialog.