More X commands!

This is the most general feature request I’ve ever done I think haha!
There are in the Key Commands a few commands you can invoke by first hitting a QWERTY key and then a number.
Recall Cycle Marker X, To Cycle Marker X, To Marker and also Workspace X.
This is pure genius!!! :open_mouth: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Can we just have more of those is my request?
Zoom Preset X
Macro X - and you can sorta sort your macros by naming them with a number as the first character. This will probably only make sense for a handful of commands.
Logical Edit preset X - like the Macro X
Gain +X dB
Gain -X dB
on top of my head and I surely miss some obvious ones.

I like that! +1.5