Morning's Waltz

Today I was in a strange situation. As usual at morning I was going to the place where normal people is going to leave yesterday’s processed food and just have a feel that something is going to coming out. I quickly find a notebook (that piece of paper with lines for musical notation) and pencil, I bring a coffee cup and sit on a place where UFO’s are landing (sometimes) and it comes. I quickly open an application of piano on my Android, I just wanted to know is it really C Major that sounds in other side of UFO’s landing place? Yes, it is a big C. And I wrote whole solo for my new composition. It is Waltz. 3/4. After all UFO’s landed, it was the Cubase launching time. I have an orchestration template for HALion Symphonic Orchestra and I call it “my little orchestra” :slight_smile: I don’t have a huge library of sounds of classical instruments of unreal quality. I just have a little orchestra where all “players” are waiting patiently for each note I’m going to write. And I have a Waltz. I’m going to complete it and then I will post it somewhere and will link here and in “Made with Cubase” subforum (because there is no subforum called “Made on UFO’s launching pad”). :wink:

I will feel better if some of you share your unusual story. Where and when muse is coming? I have had situations, when I wake up at early morning and put my Android in recording mode and sing in a solo part for new composition. It seems that there is a connection between sleep mode wake modes for composers :wink: