Morph between presets - how to ?

I have a client who wants the first 15 seconds of the music to sound like an old tape machine and then to crossfade into a more normal EQ curve :slight_smile:

What I want to do is to create two presets and then at a certain point “morph” from one preset to the next.

Is something like that possible ? If not, what is the best way to automate EQ curves, etc. to achieve this effect ?

Use montage: Put the music on track 1, copy this clip to track 2. Adjust size of clip on track 1 to ~20 seconds, and adjust the start of clip on track 2 to ~10 seconds (or the values that best suit your needs). Apply clip FX for tape effect on clip 1, and EQ on clip 2, and create a crossfade between the clips. You could also do this in one track.


This is how I will do it in WL

Make an copy/clip with the old EQ, Track 1 in the Montage
Fade out the Track 1 where you like it to end

Start the original EQ/clip at the same time as Track 1
now on Track 2, begin this with a Fade In

look at this as a big crossfade with two different EQ/Tracks
or morphing one sound into the other sound

hope it helps

regards S-EH

Ok great, but won’t I get a phasey sound if I’m crossfading between two identical tracks ?

I don’t know, maybe not, but when I do this I’m not going to have much time so I’m trying to think of possible issues.

If you keep both clips at the same original starting time, and only adjust borders for both, they will remain exactly sample accurate. Just don’t move an actual clip in the timeline. If you want to move clips to different tracks, just grab them while holding shift.

OK great.

Is there a way of creating a crossfade automatically between two tracks in a montage that have overlapping clips ?
I can’t see how …

These replies sound more complex. Why even use the montage?

I must not understand the question, but why not just use the morph edit function?

What is the morph edit function ?!?

Sorry, I meant Effect Morphing.

Page 209 if you have the WL6 manual. WL effect morphing is the easiest way I know of to achieve automation of effects in WL.

You are not creating presets, but based on your objective I think this is what you are looking for.

There are several ways to skin a cat. I just thought this question had an easy answer without even using the montage and the more involved procedures to accomplish such a simple task. But perhaps I didn’t understand the OP’s question.