Morph chords, pitch slide, diagonal midi notes?

So today I saw a joke meme about a new pitch slide feature in a DAW. It show a chord drawn diagonally across the piano roll and I thought to myself what an amazing intuitive feature that would be! Steinberg please do it first!

I did come across a plugin recently that morphs chords from to another i cannot recall the name, but simply drawing chords in diagonally and having the pitch shift into the next chord would be such a fun simplistic approach to a pretty advanced technique.

I was actually poking around with that the other day.
What I did was to set up a “jazz” … * AHEM! * loop in four bars like Cmaj7 A7 Dm9 G7b9 in the chord track and then use a piano in a room to make it a little more undead. Lounge lizard haha.
Then I used the scale assistant in the Key Editor (the big one … not the lower zone. I want to see everything!) and I set that to “use chord track” and all three check boxes. Then I set the quantize to what I needed. Long time ago it used to be set with the num keys, not the numPad keys but just above QWERTY so that’s what I use to get 1/2 - 1/16 notes fast and simple.
Now use the line tool to draw one note lines in the key editor. It works but sounds kind of underwhealming, right? The grid must have changed in a recent upgrade because the piano roll keys have the same width now, so the notes line up much better … visually. The problem is music is an aural art haha! Maybe we need to treat it as a separate instrument. I tried and it sounds … interesting, at best! :rofl: It can also drift away into “jazz from hell” and other FZ related noises. But it’s fun for a while and now I know how to do it in Cubase so …

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