MorphFilter is Super Cool !


The new MorphFilter is a very handy plug-in, and lots of fun to use.

It offers lots of potential for sound effects/design, and the GUI is visually, and functionally very nicely designed.

Thank You Steinberg :smiley:

I agree, it sounds great. It’s a shame it’s got no ‘neutral’ state though, you can’t bring it in for a slowly evolving filter sweep without having it active and affecting your track throughout the track.

Yes, that would be a nice feature to have, maybe a future update will offer this.

Can’t you automate the bypass?

Yes you can.

The point is to have the filters (not-Bypassed), and not-active for situations where you need to slowly fade-in the filter, doing this via automating the bypass, i.e. disabling then enabling is not the same thing.


I see what you mean now.

Aloha guys,

I was going to post a question about the MF so
major mahalo and thanks @Muziksculp for the thread.

Are you guys using the MF on:

1-whole mixes,
3-instruments etc etc


Exactly. Either a mix-knob or a true neutral position of the filter would be grand.

I’ve played with it once or twice, on tracks and mixes, it sounds really nice. Agree about the lack of neutral setting, you have to automate.


imho. one way around this is i.e. when inserting MF on a full mix, is to bump up some of the frequencies that are filtered out by MF via an EQ . (just adjust the EQ to where you like the overall sound of a mix), then play around with MF automate it for lots fun effects :smiley: