Most annoying bug: Cubase hangs on exit

This is the most annoying bug for me. It has been in Cubase since around version 7 and still not fixed. On larger projects Cubase doesn’t close on exit, just hangs, I noticed the memory doesn’t get unload when this happens.
This is extremely annoying especially when I need to close one project and reopen another with a client sitting next to me.
It’s about time this gets fixed. This is ridiculous to ignore this bug for so long.

It doesn’t even have to be a large project. For me it happens also very often!

Cubase just doesn’t close properly, instead it freezes and I have to kill it with the task manager. I’m afraid that some day it will corrupt an important project file or something while doing it.


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For me, This problem is caused by my MOTU Micro Lite USB midi interface hanging. This is intermittent of course. If I unplug the Micro Lite Cubase will shut down as expected. I can also recreate this with the Midi-OX app. So maybe something else is causing Cubase to hang. Probably worth a moment of thought anyway.