Most commands in the Mix Console should be available in the Project Window

Things like “Add Group Channel to Selected Channels”, “Add FX Channel to Selected Channels”, etc., etc., need to also be available in the right click menu in the Project Window and/or with Key Commands that can be used in the Project Window. Big difference in workflow and speed – you wouldn’t need to go to the mixer every time you want to do something like this. Everything you can do in the Mix Console (as much as possible) you should also be able to do in the Project Window, which is very logical to me. Using the Mix Console less is a big speed enhancer, and I see this directly when I use Pro Tools or Reaper and see other people using them, how much faster and intuitive it is to not have to go to the mixer for so many things.

Agree so much with you!
Opening the mix console for things like this is always an extra step which could be easily avoided. It would be so awesome if people who dont really work with the mix console at all could have all its functions in the project/arrangement window if they want to.

I am also thinking about a way to move/copy/drag inserts/sends between channels and having an overview over volume/pan of all channels. Thats were our idea about a vertical mix console in the left zone could come into play!

Yes, there’s that big thread about this. Pro Tools does such an incredible job with exactly what you’re talking about (not even a need for another vertical mix console) – you almost never need to leave the Project Window area in Pro Tools, with no extra movement away from the track headers if you don’t want to, and the speed and workflow increase with this is very significant.

And vice-a-versa