Most compatible antivirus?

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I’ve had a scan through the forum and don’t see this question covered specifically. Sorry if I have missed it -

I know antivirus can cause audio drop outs (and I know the stock answer is don’t use cubase on a networked machine - but that isnt an option unfortunately) so does anyone have any recommendations for an antivirus software that runs in the background without causing cubase any issues please? -

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If you are running Windows 10 then you are already running Windows Defender. Do you have drop-outs? What makes you think they are av related?

Adding Cubase folders as an exception in Defender did make Cubase start a lot quicker for me but otherwise it has been fine.

+1 for Windows Defender

There should be plenty of resources available if you have a system designed for Windows 10.

+1 using Windows Defender with no issues at all.

BTW… For past versions of Cubase I did add the Cubase folders as an exception in Defender. It did help to start Cubase slightly faster but, now CB9 (with the elimination of all of my 32bit VSTs) it starts in 5 or 6 seconds. Nice!

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Use a product like avg free which can be paused, so when working in cubase, disable your network card and turn avg off temporarily. When you want to go online, flick avg on and then enable the network card again.

For laptops do the same but use “airplane mode” instead of disabling/enabling devices.

eset internet security
light on cpu - can be disabled and has a VERY high rate detecting viruses, malware etc.
can be customized alot.
windows defender is not good. eset won alot of rewards lately over all others.

my daw is internet free, but… if you hurry, you can get a free AVG (full version) for a year from here:


and click on this :

Manuelle Installation

NOTE: the Free Full version installer only works on the 24th…

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I have used eSet for several years and it is very light on resources. It can be easily disabled although I’ve never needed to disable it and never had a problem with it running in the background while working with audio (or MIDI).

Highly recommended.


Can you name a few?
Just asking because I have Eset installed, but in recent German PC magazine tests it only hit lower midfield, with half a dozen or more others ahead of it. So I am considering switching.

Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials are as good as a torn condom for protection.

waving a torn condom at people you dont want near you is very effective and will protect you… :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you use? :stuck_out_tongue:

I Currently use Avast Free
And sometimes A Scan with Malwarebytes (Also Free Version)
Stay Away From Norton or Mcaffee Since those company’s Are Actually Responsible for most Viruses
Also I Would not go for paid solutions because of these company’s reputation to actually create viruses to get more costumers

Hi all

Sorry for the delay in coming back on this - firstly I wanted to say a huge thanks for your input, really helpful community as always -

I’ve isolated AVG as the 100% cause of my dropouts. Might be a driver conflict somewhere - but long and short is if I disable AVG, I get no dropouts but with AVG running I get a drop out every 10-15 mins or so. So right now I’m simply disabling it (and then not going online - as I wouldnt anyway) when running cubase

I am interested in Eset - will have a look at that and am going to do some more research - so thanks again - :slight_smile:

Best AV is between your ears… You can run the native Win packages (Defender etc), they are pretty much similar to third party, but being aware of your off- and online behavior is the best defense.